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About Cara

Cara is a lively black Labrador puppy. She is a real handful at present, we certainly need eyes in all places when she is around!

Cara loves everybody and wants to have cuddles and play with everybody she meets. We are currently undergoing rigorous training in the hope that if she passes her exams she will be able to come into the counselling room both as my assistance dog and a therapy dog for clients who would benefit from spending time with her. 

23-03 Cara as pup modelling_edited.jpg
23-03 Cara with teddy_edited.jpg

We are undertaking basic puppy training. Cara gets easily overexcited and overwhelmed at present so we are working hard at helping to calm her (some of that will come with age) and to feel safe when she is out with us.

As I am disabled, Cara is learning to push doors open; to pick up items for me etc. - she is very good at picking up slippers and not so great at bringing them to you and giving them up!


Cara is also expert at pinching tissues and other items out of pockets; items out of bags etc! It is certainly interesting being back at the puppy stage again!!

Once we have completed basic puppy training”, we will be training with “PAWS - People and Animals Wellbeing Service” to train Cara up as a therapy dog.

PAWS give Cara and I the training needed in order that she can assist me in supporting those clients who would like Cara to support them as well as me.

The team at PAWS are brilliant in working with the owners in their training, helping us to recognise our dog’s needs. They also thoroughly assess the dogs in training to ensure that the dogs are happy in a therapy environment.

Cara certainly loves being with people and is extremely empathetic with the needs of each of us in the house. At Easter, she spent a really happy day with my family - to the point that she sprained her tail by wagging it so much!

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