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We are very proud to announce that Amadea Counselling won the
Global Health Pharma award for the
"Most Empathetic Counselling Service" for 2022/23.

We then went on to win an award in the GHP Mental Health awards too, winning the "Best Affordable Private Counselling Service Provider in 2023 - Kent".

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Mental Health

The term "Mental health" holds huge stigma in our country, so we often ignore it. However, emotional health is as important as our physical health. Emotional and physical health are extremely closely connected - if you are unwell physically it will affect you emotionally; if you are unwell emotionally it will present you with physical health issues, shaking as an example.

'Bloom' like a flower

Sometimes we are desperate to ‘bloom’ and lead a fulfilling life however, issues from our past almost feel like they are strangling us, preventing us from doing what we would like to do. If this sounds familiar, come for some sessions where we can examine your concerns and questions; search for a way in which you can move forward without being dragged down by the events of yesterday.

It may be that you are depressed; bereaved; are experiencing difficulties at work; suffering from anxiety based issues or you may simply have an important decision to make etc. Attending counselling doesn’t mean that you are a “nut case” nor that you are “mental,” merely that there is something going on, for which you would benefit from some time and space in which to process what is happening.

Relationships can cause the greatest difficulties we face. These may be issues which have arisen within a partnership; struggles between us and a parent or sibling; obstacles within friendships etc. Frequently, an individual close to us dies leaving unsaid complications which weigh on our minds. Amadea provides you with the environment you need, so that you can consider all aspects of your relationships - the good times as well as the difficult times.

Exploring how you relate with others; the way in which you receive love as well as the way in which you demonstrate love enables you to understand yourself more; helps you air thoughts and feelings which may have been kept deeply inside you and leaves you feeling more at peace with the whole situation.

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